Please remain seated until we reach your destiny.

Avialogy (Europe) builds on the premise that there is a correlation between primary systems of aerial commotion and people's health, love life and financial well-being. Our service interprets the impact of powered, fixed-wing machines in cruising altitude on human life. Simply put: It's a horoscope based on aircraft, not star constellations.

Avialogy helps navigate through life since 1903.

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Overview: The senator of all airsigns displays a strategic mind and tendency to form alliances.

Love: You go the mile, and more.


Overview: Some say it's the sky's favourite airsign. And that its tracks are marked by drops of clotted cream.

Love: Darling, are you having a laugh?


Overview: Even the frequent and most social nomad knows: there is no destination like home.

Love: Turn off your phone, love might pass you by.


Overview: The oldest airsign of them all. Always punctual through flexible time management, on and above the ground.

Love: Go on dates that fit your schedule, not the other way around.


Overview: An ambitious airsign in need to set boundaries. Airborne monkey transport takes it too far.

Love: Rethink your short as well as long term relationship plans.


Overview: The line between creativity and monopoly is vague. Passengers with a willingness to reinvent themselves go places.

Love: You'll always have Sheremetyevo.


Overview: Strong community and team spirit, build on a common interest for low-cost solutions. Every passenger under this airsign is equal. Bravo.

Love: What you see is what you get.


Overview: Convenience and averageness come in speedy, flexi-plus, up-front extra legroom. Conspicuous passion for the color orange.

Love: When on a date, be prepared to pay for the drinks.


Overview: Modest, even frugal approach to existence. Passengers prefer a location off the beaten runways.

Love: Nobody ever fell in love, fasting their seat belt.

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